Asafoetida is a useful amber resin of India

Asafoetida is one of the most important spices in Vedic cooking. Its specific aroma is able to replace onion and garlic in the dish without leaving an unpleasant aftertaste and smell. In addition, the spice enhances digestion so much that in India they say that even nails can be digested with asafoetida. It is recommended to be added to dishes that are difficult to digest, for example, beans.

  • Usually, for one serving of food, pure, unadulterated asafoetida is used on the tips of a knife.
  • If you want to get a richer aroma and preserve the natural properties of the spice, asafetida should be added at the end of cooking.
  • You prefer the natural taste of the main dish – asafoetida will give it an interesting taste at the beginning of cooking.
  • The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, as with any other spice, you risk spoiling the dinner with unpleasant bitterness.

Pure asafoetida resin in India is first dissolved in hot water – “asafetida milk” is obtained, which Hindus call “khing ki dudh”, then it is added at the end of cooking. Or they use asafoetida in masala for dressing, frying all the necessary spices in oil. This type of processing gives all the spices in the masala a soft, refined aroma.

Asafoetida is a useful amber resin of India
  • Asafetida is a natural weapon against toxins and gastrointestinal problems. It improves digestion and normalizes the level of acid balance in the stomach.
  • Recent studies have confirmed that regular consumption of asafoetida in food contributes to the production of antibodies against several strains of influenza, and is also a natural prevention not only of viral diseases, but also of bronchitis.< /li>
  • Similarly, scientists have long noted the ability of asafetida to improve the mental state of patients, using spices as a psycho-emotional modulator and antiepileptic drug. This property of asafoetida was mentioned even in treatises on unani – the medicine of ancient Greece. Hippocrates is considered the first unani doctor, who believed that the medicine should be natural and safe, and its effect on the patient’s body should be as mild as possible.

Since ancient times, this spice has been used as an antidote for bites and poisonings, including opiates. Asafoetida cleanses the liver and helps detoxification processes.

It may sound strange, taking the incomparable sharp aroma of the spice, but the use of asafoetida, like coffee with chocolate, helps to produce hormones of happiness, awakening appetite, including for life. According to Vedic medicine, asafoetida muffles the intrusive whisper of negative thoughts, making it a successful natural antidepressant.

If all of the above is not enough for us, the milky juice of asafoetida has been used as a natural cosmetic for several thousand years. However, there is nothing surprising. After all, every blade of grass and leaf is a natural doctor, you just have to listen to them. Our ancestors knew how to negotiate with the Earth, and even now in natural cosmetics there are still masks with asafetida, which:

  • is a powerful pore cleaner and whitening agent
  • removes skin rashes
  • controls the work of the sebaceous glands
  • prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

It is another matter whether it will be pleasant to feel the killer aroma of this herb on the skin. However, the beauties of Iran grind asafetida into a fine powder and mix it with rose oil, adding clay, milk and honey to the composition of the masks.

So, another magical spice from One Thousand and One Nights is at our service!
Order asafoetida and be healthy!і

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