5 ways to start your day when you’re living with depression

How often do you say to yourself in the morning, “Okay, enough sleep. I just can’t wait to get out of bed!” Chances are… pretty rare.
Most of us will resist getting out of bed, even if it’s just a second of internal grumbling. But when you’re down or depressed, starting your day is more of a feat.

The first thing to remember is that you are not alone in your problem

Depression can cause severe symptoms, including difficulty getting out of bed. That’s because depression is associated with changes in serotonin and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that regulate mood, sleep, appetite, energy, memory, and alertness. If your neurotransmitter levels are out of balance, you may feel tired most of the day.

Although meeting each new day may seem like a Mission Impossible when dealing with depression, there are effective tactics that can help you take a few steps forward.

🙏1. Begin each day with a prayer or mantra of gratitude

Lack of interest and the inability to find pleasure in familiar things or joy in new things and activities is one of the symptoms of a depressed state of mind. “So when you wake up, start by thinking, ‘What am I grateful for today?'” recommends Beatrice Tauber, MD and clinical psychologist. “You can be grateful that you opened your eyes. You can be grateful to your family, children or pets. You can be grateful that you have a roof over your head. It doesn’t matter the reason or the size of your gratitude to the world. Just ask yourself to stand up for what you are grateful for.”

Find at least one thing you are deeply grateful for and use it to get you up and out of bed

🗒2. Set one – and only – goal for the day

Having an endless to-do list is often a deterrent for people with depression and one of the main reasons you don’t want to start your day. You might think, “There’s no way to do all this,” and that thinking turns into, “There’s no point in even trying.” Try to change your perspective. Instead of thinking about a long list of tasks that can be overwhelming, give yourself permission to set just ONE goal a day.

Feeling that today is a good day because I only have one task to complete will help you get out of bed and achieve your goal. It’s a good idea to choose priority goals that you are most likely to achieve. Don’t try to do something global right away. Small steps are also steps.

Sometimes depression is related to a situation that is partially out of our control, problems at work, broken promises, or a difficult situation with a spouse or roommate.

“If you have realized that a difficult life situation is fueling your depression, set yourself a goal to overcome the difficulties by setting a certain timeline for this – a deadline. But be consistent and logical: it is quite difficult to decide in one day what to do you’ve been closing your eyes for months or years. So in order to achieve any goal, you need to at least get out of bed to begin with,” recommends Dr. Tauber.

👫3. Make morning plans with a friend

Depression leads to feelings of isolation and disconnection. Being able to “reconnect” can be the key to starting your day. Making morning plans with someone is a great way to take back responsibility because you’re taking into account someone else’s schedule.

“People find meaning in their relationships with others, in their hobbies, or in completing tasks throughout the day,” says Dr. Randall Dwenger, MD, Medical Director of the Center for Borderline Treatment. A morning walk can not only help you get out of bed, but it can also help you connect with another person, possibly reducing the feelings of loneliness that depression has caused.

However, some people perceive such communication with another person as “reporting”, which can be counterproductive. If so, come up with your own system that tracks your motivational progress. Visualize your plans and victories, use a system of rewards 🌷  in the form of morning treats or pleasant rituals – anything that works to bring back your joy and responsibility for your own life!

📣4. Do not be silent! Ask your closest friends for support and help, and be sure to see a professional

The first thing to remember when dealing with depression is that you don’t have to go through it alone. So do not waste time – choose the best specialist in your opinion, guided by any personal feelings. First of all, you need to establish a relationship with a psychologist or psychiatrist based on his professionalism and your trust. But along with your work to help yourself, your loved ones also need to understand what is happening to you. We are connected to each other, and it does not matter whether your partner has a physical or mental illness, it often requires a change in the life of the entire family or team. So accept it as a fact and from now on fight the problems together. This will be much more productive and easier for everyone.

🕊5. Forgive yourself for bad days

People living with depression are often terrible self-critics. The truth is, there will always be good days and bad days. All of us without exception.

Some days you can get out of bed, and other days, frankly, you can’t. And that’s normal too. All in its own time. If you did your best on a bad day and it wasn’t enough to keep moving forward, the first thing you need to do is forgive yourself and start over the next day. Depression is an illness and you are only human, not a superhero. It is quite possible that you will become them as soon as you find the strength and inspiration in yourself – tomorrow, when you definitely get out of bed. Tomorrow you will try a new technique that will help you put both feet on the ground. Over time, you will find techniques and tools that will make it possible to wake up happy every day of the week.

Source: healthline.com

🌈🙏So, opening your eyes in the morning, we wish you to feel the warm embrace of the Universe, and let your every step be a kiss of the Earth.

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