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Every story begins long before it begins.
History of MASALE took root in mysterious India, where its future founder went in 2008. From the first moment, she fell in love with the magic of Asia, with its incredible nature, culture, contradictory sharp flavors and passionate spicy aromas that captured her heart forever. A part of this love returned to Ukraine in the form of fragrant boxes of cardamom and a jar of coconut oil - rare and exotic products at the time, from which MASALE was born less than a year later – the quintessence of unique Indian flavor and love.

"Masaale" (मसाले) translated from Hindi means spices, and "masala tea" is the most popular Indian drink based on a mixture of spices. We combined these concepts in the name of the brand, which at the same time united not only India and Ukraine, but also members of our families, who became the driving force MASALE.
Naturalness and high quality of products, love for spices and authentic taste - all this found a response in our hearts. We created MASALE fourteen years ago to delight you with the world's best brands of organic products, introduce you to new products on the health food market and make them more accessible to you.

masale.com.ua – is a resource on which the products of time-tested manufacturers of natural products are collected. In our online store, everyone can buy coconut oil, cocoa products or spices from local farms and from conglomerates with a world name from different parts of our planet, and get useful information about healthy nutrition for the whole family.
Our customers are our real competitive advantage. They are the architects of our future, turning our passion for India into a unifying brand force MASALE.

At the heart of our desire for success are our values, a tangible expression of our corporate culture and the basis of our common life philosophy.

We dare to dream.

We want to make life more delicious, bright and full of meaning.

We are trying to protect our planet

We strive to develop open positive long-term relationships with our partners.

We stay true to what we believe, say and do.

We support each other and treat ourselves and others with the care and respect we would like others to treat us with.

We pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain talented people who work and live these values every day.

Why do we do this?

We live this way ourselves and dream of sharing MASALE values with each of you. We grow and develop together with you and thanks to you!

MASALE – is an incomprehensible combination of human destinies, preferences, tastes, lust for life, and the most important ingredient of our masala is love.

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