The history of pepper peas: the power of the five elements

Multi-colored peppercorns are not only beautiful, but also useful and interesting!
Let’s continue the conversation about the power of the five elements!

White pepper peas

This type of pepper is prepared from mature, red fruits of the pepper vine, from which the pulp of the pericarp has been removed. The collected fruits are soaked in water for about one week, and when the pulp softens and almost disintegrates, it is removed by washing and drying the peppers. Therefore, white pepper is round and smooth, not wrinkled peas, with more subtle, compared to black pepper, aroma and definitely less burning taste.

White pepper is universally valued more expensively than black pepper and in other countries the latter is often preferred. It is believed that white pepper is ideal for all types of minced meat, light sauces, soups, marinades.

Green pepper with peas

Green pepper peas are harvested unripe and cannot be boiled. On the contrary, everything is done so that they preserve their original leathery shell – the pericarp. It is these two circumstances that determine the green color of this type of pepper. At the same time, the color of natural dry peas (as opposed to fakes) is most often dull, greenish-olive, and the skin can be wrinkled (as in black pepper) or smooth, depending on the drying method.

Thanks to terpineol, delicate notes appear in the aroma of green pepper: a mixture of fresh lilac and the smell of hyacinth, and linalool helps connoisseurs to feel notes of lily of the valley in the pepper.

It is believed that green pepper as the most delicate in its taste, is ideal for fish dishes, in which it is important to preserve the subtle and delicate taste of the original product as much as possible. In addition, unlike its black and white counterparts, green pepper peas do not stimulate the feeling of hunger. This type of pepper is not used in ground form, as the spice loses its taste after a few hours of grinding.

Green pepper peas have gained popularity relatively recently in Europe, and they are most often used in pepper mixes. But the Arabs generously add it to almost all dishes, including desserts and drinks.

In India, green pepper peas have long been a popular aphrodisiac for women, which gently increases libido. It is also added to traditional ceremonial drinks during various holidays and offered to the bridegroom before the first wedding night.

The history of pepper peas: the power of the five elements
The history of pepper peas: the power of the five elements

Red or pink peppercorns

Red peppercorns are obtained similarly to green, but already from mature fruits, and the red pericarp, which has been preserved, gives this type of pepper a slightly sweet taste. Slow drying of red ripe grains gives a rather bitter variety “Pondicherry”. To preserve the high taste qualities of red pepper, it is recommended to use it immediately after grinding.

People often confuse red pepper with peas and the more popular pink pepper (“shinus”), whose homeland is Peru and Brazil.

Red pepper vine peas remain on the vine until they are fully ripe, which takes about four months. However, this is difficult to achieve, as the berries are quite attractive to birds and insects. The process of obtaining red pepper is complicated by difficult weather conditions and winds that can damage the most delicate fruits of the creeper. These grains retain their color during the drying process, which is why they are called the funniest peppers 🙂

Red pepper with peas is also known for its subtle floral aroma and sweet fruity taste, perfectly in harmony with seafood and fish. This type of pepper is also suitable for all citrus fruits and ginger.

Like any other product, pepper should be used with caution:
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • kidney failure
  • pancreatitis
  • anemia
  • allergies
  • neurosis
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