Prevention of the body against parasites

The topic of ridding the body of parasites is comprehensive, extensive, and everyone has their own view on it. Some consider parasites to be a “marketing trick” of the pharmaceutical mafia, but whether you believe in parasites or not, they believe in you. Unfortunately, they do exist.

When living beings are infected with worms, chronic toxicosis develops, body exhaustion and immunity decreases, which often leads to the exacerbation of a number of diseases. But!

First of all, usually most people think that there is one pill for all parasites, and it works like this: take a pill – and everything dies in a radius of half a kilometer, like after HIMARS work on ork positions. Unfortunately, there cannot be a single drug for all occasions, in principle, because we, people, are very different from each other and what is suitable for one person will not affect another.

Secondly, Ukraine does not belong to the countries in which the prophylactic use of anthelmintics is indicated. The countries where the problem of parasites is acute, defined by the WHO, are India, Pakistan, countries of Africa and Latin America.

Thirdly, prophylactic use of anthelmintics can be harmful both under the supervision of a doctor and in the case of self-medication. The author of these lines somehow listened to the doctor’s advice, and after taking a widely advertised drug, he got terrible intoxication, and for two days he watched SUCH a “movie” that probably Albert Hoffmann himself had not seen on his lisped. I don’t know if the worms liked the “movie” (or if they were there at all), but the treatment in the style of “drink only one pill” – never again!..

First stool and tests, and then we choose the treatment. But the best of all, of course, is compliance with the rules of personal hygiene (yes, this is us, among other things, about washing hands) and proper nutrition, which in itself is both medicine and prevention.

“If you want to live sweetly – eat bitter. If you want to live bitterly, in sickness – stick to sweet.”

Microorganisms dangerous to humans really do not like bitterness, acid and sharpness.

Among the natural anthelmintics, which should be included in the daily diet:
  • Asafetida
  • Clove
  • Zira
  • Ginger
  • Kalinji
  • turmeric
  • pumpkin seeds
  • cumin
  • rosemary
  • thistle
  • arugula
  • chamomile medicinal
  • pea pepper
  • garlic and onion
  • fermented vegetables
  • unrefined oils: olive, coconut, sesame (and almost all “live “oils are medicine with their constant use)

We won’t mention more right away, so maybe we’ll come back to this topic when we have the opportunity. And today and always we wish you a peaceful sky, good health and butterflies in your stomach only from love!

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