White chia seeds, 200 g

White chia seeds, 200 g


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A South American plant also called Spanish Sage. In the Mayan language, “chia” translates to “power.”
In appearance, chia seeds resemble sesame seeds, but are larger and have a richer, glossy color.
The taste is neutral, sweet-tart.

Due to their high calorie content, white and black chia seeds are rarely used in large quantities in their pure form. The recommended daily rate of chia seeds is 2-5 tablespoons of seeds.

In terms of using seeds, you can choose chia of any color. White chia is more often used for white sauces and baking on wheat flour, and dark chia is used for rye flour. However, this is more a matter of personal preferences of cooks and taste nuances.

Features of the use of chia seeds
  • To preserve the beneficial properties of the chia plant, it is often the main ingredient of puddings and desserts – the seeds are poured with water, milk, yogurt; added to various vitamin cocktails and smoothies. Recipes for chia puddings can be found here.
  • Chia seeds are germinated for use in salads and vegetable dishes.
  • Also, chia is ground into flour for the preparation of the aforementioned puddings and cocktails, for baking bread and confectionery – a relevant option, since the kernel of the grain, full of micro- and macroelements, is protected by a dense shell, and the grinding process opens access to it, releasing the beneficial properties of the plant .
  • For weight loss, it is recommended to use chia seeds in solid form. They absorb water, increasing in volume several times, filling the stomach and creating a feeling of satiety. This method helps to significantly reduce the daily caloric content of the diet. Among other things, this product has a mechanical (scrubbing) effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helping to clean the intestines and remove toxins.
Useful properties of chia seeds

The content of calcium in chia seeds is five times more than in milk, potassium is twice as much as in bananas, vegetable protein is more than in all other cereals and seeds.
A large number of antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Chia seeds, either white or black:

  • an excellent immunomodulator
  • contribute to the strengthening of bone tissue
  • normalizes blood pressure – an excellent preventive measure for cardiovascular diseases
  • strengthens the nervous system and helps fight depression
  • cleanses the liver, improving the blood composition and saturating it with oxygen, plus increases the level of hemoglobin
  • has a positive effect on brain activity
  • due to the large amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the composition of chia, they help the body restore the supply of stem cells, fight viruses, and generally reduce the inflammatory processes of the body.

Contraindications – to people with individual food intolerance of the product.


Calorie content per 100 g of product: 486 kcal.
Nutritional value:
Fats – 30.74 g
Proteins – 16.54 g
Carbohydrates – 42.12 g
Water – 5.80 g
Ash – 4.80 m

Vitamin E – 0.5 mg
Vitamin C – 1.6 mg
Vitamin B 1 – 0.6 mg
Vitamin B2 – 0.2 mg
Vitamin B3 – 8.8 mg
Vitamin B9 – 49 mcg

Iron – 7.7 mg
Potassium – 407 mg
Calcium – 631 mg
Magnesium – 335 mg
Manganese – 2.7 mg
Copper – 0.9 mg
Sodium – 16 mg
Selenium – 55.2 μg
Zinc – 4.6 mg
Phosphorus – 860 mg

Weight0.200 g

200 г


Gluten free, Low glycemic index


In cooking, cosmetology, in traditional medicine and Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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