Psyllium (ispaghol), 200 g

Psyllium (ispaghol), 200 g


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Ground plantain hulls are a key ingredient in low-carb and gluten-free baking and one of the most fiber-rich foods with the fewest net carbs.

There are other names for psyllium, namely ispaghula or ispaghol. Psyllium seeds are obtained from a plant known as Plantago ovata (egg plantain), which is native to South and West Asia. Each plant produces about 15,000 tiny, shell-covered seeds. And it is this husk that is a rich source of fiber.

Use of psyllium in cooking

1 g of psyllium absorbs 40-50 g of liquid

Due to its unique absorbent properties, under the influence of liquid, ispaghula turns into a jelly-like mass that binds the dough and makes it elastic.
It is added to traditional baked goods to increase its fiber content and reduce calorie content.
With the help of psyllium, you can bake dietary bread only from bran, rice or buckwheat flour.
The easiest way is to make a liquid dough, and then add about 10 grams of psyllium to 100-200 grams of flour and wait a few minutes for the dough to thicken.

In addition ispaghula can be used to replace eggs in baking:
3 g of psyllium + 30 mg of water = one egg.
Psyllium is also used as a thickener for pureed soups and sauces

Roll with cheese and apples

– without eggs
– gluten-free
– without fat

120 g oat bran
1.5 g of psyllium
2 g of soda
2.5 g of baking powder
220 g of grated cheese
80 g of apples
sweetener – optional


Grind bran to a flour state and combine with psyllium.
Add soda, sweetener and baking powder. Mix everything thoroughly.
Add half of the norm of cheese mass, mix. If the dough is very dense or dry, you can dilute it with kefir or yogurt.
Remove the resulting mass in a cool place.


Cut the apples into small cubes or grate them
We mix them with the remains of cheese, sweetener, cinnamon.
The dough is rolled out, we spread the filling from one edge of it and wrap everything in a roll.
Bake the roll in the oven for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 C.
The roll should be cooled before serving.

Medicinal properties of Psyllium (ispaghol)

Like any fiber, psyllium is a prebiotic, a means that supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms, thanks to which our body more effectively resists infections, inflammation, and is able to maintain tissues and cells in a healthy state.

The main advantage of psyllium is that when it dissolves in water, it significantly slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and fats, thereby reducing the secretion of insulin in the body. The greatest positive effect from the use of psyllium was observed in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Taking psyllium with food leads to rapid satiety. It reduces appetite and, in combination with a healthy diet, helps to achieve excellent results in getting rid of excess weight.

Ispaghol plays a certain role in the treatment of both diarrhea and constipation – such symptoms are very often found in irritable bowel syndrome.

Referring to other useful properties, the following positive qualities of psyllium can be highlighted:
  • provides the body’s daily need for fiber
  • promotes the elimination of toxins and creates a nutrient environment for the intestinal microflora, thereby eliminating dysbacteriosis and improving intestinal motility
  • improves the condition of the liver, regulating the level of bad cholesterol in the blood
  • reduces the number of manifestations of increased acidity
  • reduces the risk of stones in the gallbladder and biliary tract
  • improves metabolic processes

The basic form of psyllium release is powder. That is, it is a crushed shell, which looks like ordinary flour. The psyllium we offer is in its natural form, so it can easily be ground into a powder. Before taking the powder, it is recommended to mix it with water or juice, after which it must be drunk immediately, because after some time the mixture increases in volume, becomes similar to gel or jelly, that is, it is less pleasant to use.

  • According to research, the safe upper limit of psyllium intake is 8 g per day. But the dosage should be selected individually. If you do not have experience in using ispaghol, start taking 1-3 g per day, diluting them with approximately 100 ml of water, and gradually increase the dose of psyllium, based on your state of health and well-being
  • As in the case of taking any absorbent, when using psyllium it is necessary to drink more clean water during the day
  • As for contraindications, they include children under 12 years of age, the lactation period, asthma, serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in an acute form, as well as individual intolerance and specific pathologies that make taking such supplements impossible.

Nutrient and food value per 100 g of product: 209.5 kcal
proteins – 6 g
fats – 1.5 g
carbohydrates – 8 g
dietary fiber – 70 g (insoluble fiber – 28 g, soluble fiber – 42 g).


200 г


Gluten free


In cooking, Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the date of manufacture in a dry, well-ventilated place in a closed package.


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