White pepper peas, 20 g

White pepper peas, 20 g


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White pepper is the mature peeled fruit of the pepper vine, which is valued much higher than black pepper. In many ways – due to additional processing, and mostly – due to a special soft peppery aroma.

Hot pepper with a specific taste and dainty aroma

White pepper peas are more saturated with essential oils than their black and green “brothers”. This type of pepper is prepared from the mature, red fruits of the pepper vine, from which the pulp of the pericarp has been removed. The harvested fruits are soaked in water for about one week, and when the pericarp softens and almost disintegrates, it is removed by washing and drying the peppers. Therefore, white pepper is round and smooth, rather than wrinkled peas with a more subtle aroma and definitely less burning taste than black pepper.

The use of white pepper peas in cooking

White pepper is prized above black pepper among connoisseurs, but in many countries the latter is often preferred. It is believed that white pepper is ideal for all types of minced meat, light sauces, soups, and marinades.

  • Basically, white pepper is a universal seasoning. It is added to almost all dishes, including sweet ones, to add aromatic spiciness
  • White pepper is used for cooking fish, it goes well with boiled meat, and it enriches the delicate aroma of poultry pate.
  • The same Béchamel sauce will harmoniously fit into the color of the main ingredients and the taste range of white sauces.
  • White pepper perfectly shades vegetable salads, stews, and mushroom dishes.

By the way, white pepper, like other good spices, should be bought whole and ground immediately before adding to the dish. The spice retains its taste and aroma better.

The use of pepper peas in Ayurveda and traditional medicine

Part used: fruit
Energy: warms, VK-P +
Increases pitta, reduces kapha and vata doshas.
Action: improves digestion and blood circulation, activates metabolism, increases immunity

  • White pepper peas have a positive stimulating effect on the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems; on bone marrow, plasma, blood, nerves, fat
  • It is a tonic, expectorant, carminative and anthelmintic
  • Natural antidepressant and aphrodisiac

Warning: it is not advisable to use a large amount of pepper in case of anemia, acute inflammation of the urinary bladder and kidneys, peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, after operations on the stomach and intestines, as well as in case of individual intolerance

Weight0.100 g

20 г, 40 г


Gluten free


In cooking, Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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