Turmeric roots, 40 g

Turmeric roots, 40 g


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Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family that reaches a meter in height, looks like a reed, and its large oval leaves grow directly from the rhizome. It is these roots-potatoes that are valued as a spice.

The taste of turmeric combines sharpness, light burning and astringency with subtle ginger notes, shades of musk, young leaves and the freshness of midday herbs.
The smell of freshly ground turmeric from Masale is pleasant, spicy and mild.

We draw your attention to the fact that the roots of turmeric are quite hard, and grinding requires a special grater or grinder. In addition, turmeric stains are almost impossible to get rid of.

The powder prepared from the roots of turmeric (haridra) is rich yellow in color, which can have a golden, terracotta tint. If you add lemon juice to this powder, spice will acquire a bright red color. Added to dishes, turmeric gives them a bright yellow color and a fresh persistent aroma.

The use of turmeric in cooking
  • For rice, pilaf, various curries, and legume dishes
  • An excellent seasoning for egg dishes, sauces, soups, lamb, fish
  • As a dye for marinades, butter and cheeses, as well as in the production of mustard
  • To give a bright taste and color to bakery products, cakes
  • Gives products freshness and increases their shelf life.

If you are not a fan of this spice, then at first it is recommended to add it to food in small quantities, literally on the tip of a knife per kilogram of rice. If you overdo it with turmeric, you risk getting a bitter burning taste of the dish

You can read about the use of magical spice in cosmetology, traditional medicine and Ayurveda HERE

Weight0.04 g

1 кг, 100 г, 20 г, 50 г


Low glycemic index, Organic


In cooking, cosmetology, traditional medicine and Ayurveda, soap making, in the manufacture of candles, in domestic life

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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