Star anise (badian), 20 g

Star anise (badian), 20 g


Country of origin:


Taste and aroma:

The taste is spicy, bittersweet and rich

Brief description:

Star anise are dry, mature fruits of an evergreen tree (Illicium verum) from the magnolia family. Badian is also called star anise, Chinese anise, Indian anise, Siberian anise, ship anise.
The family of the spice is Southeast Asia. Cultivated in Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, India, and Cambodia

Most often, badian (star anise) is used for baking confectionery products in the process of kneading them – when the star anise seeds are heated, they will begin to give off their aroma, which will be preserved in the finished product.

Star anise is used in the preparation of jelly, mousses, compotes, fruit dishes; for flavoring vodkas and liqueurs in industrial production, grog and rum at home.

It is best to add it to drinks 5-10 minutes before it is ready. After that, you must remove the dish from the heat, cover with a lid and let it infuse. In this case, 1-2 grains or a quarter of a teaspoon of powder per 1.5 liters is enough.

Dried fruits, ground into powder, are used as a spicy and aromatic additive.

As a spice, star anise is used in the same way as anise, in dough products and especially for cookies, various fruit soups, puddings and compotes – from plums, quince, pears and apples. Jams are flavored with them – in addition to providing taste qualities, elderberry contributes to the best preservation of the natural color and high quality of the jam, which is sugared for several years.

Adds a pleasant aroma to black, milk or fruit tea, coffee.

Harmonizes well with other spices: black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, coriander. This makes it possible to use Star anise in spicy mixtures to improve the taste of pork and poultry dishes – it makes them piquant, and the meat in particular is more tender and soft. Up to 1 gram of badian per serving can be added to meat dishes.

You should not use badian for cooking fish dishes. He can only spoil them.

The use of Star anise for preventive and preventive purposes

Energy: warms VK-P +
According to Ayurvedic practices, badian increases vata dosha, balances pitta and kapha.

  • Treats cough, hoarseness, asthma
  • It has an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect, improves the functioning of the stomach
  • It has antibacterial properties
  • Used for diarrhea, dysentery
  • Helps with rheumatic arthritis, facial nerve paralysis
  • Promotes increased appetite
  • It is an excellent remedy against bad breath.

A Kyiv legend says that at the turn of the century, after a long period of prosperity, the business of the famous confectionery family Balabukh suddenly began to burn out. Then an idea appeared that promised to bring profit: medicine-candy. Caramel for gastritis, bars for sciatica, lollipops for rheumatism. The specially hired Czech confectioner Sobitek has developed many special recipes for such sweets. Cough lollipops were the most successful of them. The Star anise (badian) was responsible for the medicinal effect and specific taste of these candies.

Weight0.100 g

20 г


Gluten free


In cooking, Ayurveda, In the decor

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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