Dried green paprika, 6x6 mm

Dried green paprika, 6x6 mm


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Brief description:

Dried chopped green pepper. The size is 6×6 mm.
Emerald color, soft texture and charming sharpness of green pepper. A divine combination of sharpness, bitterness and sweet freshness.

A special feature of green dried paprika from Masale is its sharpness (due to the presence of capsaicin in it, as in any pepper pods) combined with the freshness of the greens.

The taste and smell of any paprika is mainly due to essential oils. In addition, paprika contains a significant amount of vitamin C; this substance was first isolated from ripe pods of paprika by the Hungarian chemist Albert St. Gyordi, who later received the Nobel Prize for this work.

Green dried paprika in cooking

If you want to expand your taste horizons, we recommend trying green paprika with all your favorite dishes. Thanks to the special sharpness and sweet taste, with our paprika, the usual potato dishes, vegetables, soups or meat will find an unusual exotic taste.

Paprika is added to cheeses, salads, eggs, porridge and pasta. When cooking, it is recommended to add green dried paprika at the beginning of the process so that the pepper has time to absorb moisture and give the dish its juicy sharpness.

If you season dishes with paprika, it is better to use low and medium heat, or in this case, add paprika at the very end of cooking. Otherwise, due to the presence of a large amount of protein compounds and sugar in it, green paprika will burn quickly without giving off its aroma and taste.

Green paprika in Ayurveda and traditional medicine

Part used: fruit
Energy: warms, VK-P+
Increases pitta, balances kapha and vata doshas.
Action: improves digestion and blood circulation, activates metabolism, increases immunity

  • It has antioxidant properties and relieves pain syndrome
  • Stimulates appetite, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Relieves joint pain, improves blood circulation, and generally increases brain activity

Caution: Paprika should be used with caution in case of heart failure, hypertension, stomach and duodenal ulcer, increased acidity, exacerbation of chronic liver and kidney diseases.

It is recommended to store paprika in a dry, dark place – sunlight and humidity kill the taste and aroma of the spice. And necessarily – in a tightly closed package. This variety of paprika quickly absorbs extraneous odors, while losing its uniqueness.

Weight0.100 g

100 г, 20 г, 40 г


In cooking, Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the date of manufacture in a dry, well-ventilated place in a closed package.


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