Cloves, 20 g

Cloves, 20 g


Country of origin:

Comoros Islands

Brief description:

Dried flower buds of an evergreen tree of the myrtle family. It is cultivated in tropical countries: on the islands off the east coast of Africa, the Antilles, in Brazil, etc.
Burning sweet taste, menthol effect, bright spicy aroma

Cloves, like a number of other spices originating from Asia, have a wonderful history. For 14 centuries, cloves were transported from Indonesia and India to China, Persia, Africa and Europe. During this period, cloves had a fairly high price, so bloody battles were fought over the monopoly on its production and distribution. Most of the clashes in the medieval and modern period took place for control over the island of Maluku. The Dutch came out victorious and for a long time held a monopoly on Spicy whose homeland was then considered the island of Maluku. Today, cloves are a very important industrial crop around the world.

Spicy from MASALE are red-brown in color, aromatic and oily to the touch.

Use of cloves in cooking:

– preparation of marinades – fruit and berry, vegetable, mushroom sauces and seasonings
– rice, cabbage dishes
– in sweet dishes: puddings, compotes, for baking fruit, in confectionery products. For sweet dishes, caps are used to avoid bitterness.

Dried flower buds conveys its taste well in both hot and cold water. In order to preserve the unique taste and aroma, them are placed mainly at the end of cooking.

Cloves are placed in marinades during their preparation together with other components, in dough and minced meat – before heat treatment, in meat dishes – 10-15 minutes before readiness, in broths, soups, compotes – 3-5 minutes before readiness .

In Indonesia, kretek cigarettes are flavored with cloves, but we do not recommend smoking MASALE cloves)

Use of cloves for health and healing purposes:

Part used: dried buds, collected before the flowers open.
Energy: VK-P +
Action: stimulating, expectorant, analgesic, aphrodisiac
Reduces and cleanses kapha dosha.

Precautions: inflammatory conditions, hypertension, high Pitta

  • It is used for various conditions related to diseases of the genitourinary organs, stomach problems and lung infections
  • It has an analgesic effect
  • Strengthens the stomach and liver
  • Improves memory and blood circulation
  • Eye diseases are treated with a decoction
  • Dried flower buds with honey prevent nausea
  • An excellent tool for the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity; gives breath freshness.
Weight0.100 g

100 г, 20 г, 50 г


Gluten free


In cooking, cosmetology, in traditional medicine and Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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