Black pepper peas

Black pepper peas


Country of origin:

Sri Lanka

Brief description:

Cascade vine of the Piperaceae family. As a spice, there are the following varieties: green, red, black, white pepper, which corresponds to the degree of ripening of the fruit.

Black pepper peas – dried unripe fruits of the creeper in the form of small black peas with a pleasant aroma and a sharp spicy taste.

Black peppercorns are an available and common spice, which is obtained by using unripe reddish fruits of the plant, which are scalded with boiling water and then dried in the sun. The skin of this fruit turns brown and shrivels, determining the usual dark brown (black) color of this pepper. Black pepper peas is better, the harder, darker, heavier it is.

The first mentions of this spice are found in Sanskrit texts written more than three thousand years ago, and the birthplace of black pepper peas is considered to be the Malabar coast. Some historians give an even more precise indication of the birthplace of the hot spice – the town of Cocchi. Previously, these areas were called Malikhabar, which means “land of pepper”. It is known that pepper was exported from India, but the history of its distribution around the world remains a mystery to this day.

The use of black pepper peas in cooking

Black peppercorns are a universal spice

  • It is added to vegetable dishes
  • Goes well with all vegetables and mushrooms
  • Adds spiciness to meat and fish dishes
  • It is used for preservation, preparation of marinades
  • Great for adding to fresh salads
  • An indispensable ingredient for masala tea

The recommended daily dose of black pepper is no more than 4 g

Black pepper peas in Ayurveda and traditional medicine

In Sanskrit, black pepper with peas is called “marich” – it is one of the names of the Sun. Black pepper got this name due to the powerful solar energy concentrated in it. This is why all Indo-Aryan systems of medicine use pepper in their elixirs.

The daily diet of many yogis consists of only seven peas of black pepper taken with a glass of warm water. How is this possible? The fact is that black pepper encourages the body to introduce nutrients already in the body into a new cycle, so the ascetic’s body does not need new food.

Part used: fruit
Energy: warms, VK-P +
Black pepper peas increase pitta, reduce kapha and vata doshas.
Action: warming, stimulating, expectorant; natural aphrodisiac.

  • Black pepper peas have a positive effect on the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems; on bone marrow tissues, nervous fatty tissues, as well as blood and plasma.
  • Black pepper is a natural antioxidant that improves the body’s ability to fight harmful substances
  • Frequent consumption of food that uses a significant amount of this seasoning allows you to get rid of excess weight, because pepper accelerates the process of splitting fat cells.
  • Due to the high content of piperine in the spice, it is recommended to be taken by people with vitiligo.
  • It is a tonic, expectorant, carminative and anthelmintic
  • Similarly, black peppercorns are useful for asthma, throat diseases, hemorrhoids, indigestion, sciatica, fever, bladder infection, and as a tonic
  • Pepper is considered a spice that increases sexual desire

Warning: it is not advisable to use a large amount of pepper in case of anemia, acute inflammation of the urinary bladder and kidneys, peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, after operations on the stomach and intestines, as well as in case of individual intolerance

Weight0.100 g

100 г, 20 г, 40 г


Gluten free, Organic


In cooking, Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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