Anis, 20 g

Anis, 20 g


Country of origin:


Taste and aroma:

Spicy, sweet and rich

Brief description:

An annual herbaceous plant with a height of 30-60 of the Umbrella family. Its closest “relatives” are cumin, dill and fennel

Anise is an intense spice. Its seeds are mainly used, and in some cases, its leaves, which have a delicate aroma due to the presence of essential oil in them.

In home cooking, anise is used much more widely and almost all parts of the plant. Green anise leaves are added to vegetable and fruit salads. They are most harmoniously combined with the smell and taste of apples.

  • Young umbrellas of the plant are used in vegetable and milk soups, green borsch, etc.
  • They are used in marinades, when salting cucumbers, squash, and young zucchini.
  • It goes well with bay leaf, coriander, fennel, and they are often used together, especially when salting.
  • It will add a fabulous taste to pies, tarts, gingerbread, pancakes, muffins, milk and fruit soups.
  • You can season them with spinach instead of nutmeg, it is also appreciated when making jam from nuts, honey and raisins.
  • On the basis of anise, such strong alcoholic beverages as anise, pastis, ouzo, tsipouru, arrack, sambuca, absinthe, etc. are produced.
 The use of anise in medicine

Anise was used for health purposes as far back as Ancient Rome. In England in the 14th century, a high duty was charged on the import of this product – its value was very high precisely because it was used as a remedy for many ailments.

Anise reduces vata and kapha, balances pitta.
– stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthening the motor and secretory function of the intestine
– used to stimulate appetite – with flatulence
– to stimulate the secretory function of the liver and pancreas
– used for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract
– helps with inflammation of the kidneys and bladder
– removes sand from the urinary tract
– washing the eyes with anise improves vision.

Weight0.100 g

20 г


Gluten free


In cooking, Ayurveda

Storage conditions

2 years from the moment of collection in a dry, cool room with a relative humidity of no more than 35%


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