Coconut sugar (coconut nectar), 500 g

Coconut sugar (coconut nectar), 500 g


Country of origin:

Sun Frost, Sri Lanka

Brief description:

100% pure organic coconut sugar, extracted from the nectar of coconut palm blossoms, is a great natural substitute for refined sugar.

Thanks to the exquisite taste of caramel and moderate sweetness, coconut sugar is suitable for the preparation of various desserts, baking, and also as a natural sweetener for hot and cold drinks.

Crystals of coconut sugar manifest themselves in the best way in the process of caramelizing fruits and will be a kind of challenge and discovery for producers of homemade chocolate.

Coconut sugar (crystallized coconut nectar) has a low glycemic index. This means that the rate of increase in the level of sugar in the blood when using such a product is less than from ordinary sugar.

Unlike foods with a high glycemic index, which quickly release their energy and provoke metabolic disturbances, frequent hunger and the formation of fat deposits, foods with a low glycemic index are absorbed slowly and have a beneficial effect on the body’s metabolic processes.

If you compare maple syrup, cane brown sugar and coconut sugar, coconut sugar will have the lowest (!) low glycemic index – 35. For comparison: cane brown sugar – 55, refined beet sugar – 70.

  • Coconut sugar is completely natural, no harmful chemicals are used in its production.
  • The crystallized juice of the coconut palm flower contains 16 essential amino acids
  • This type of dark sugar contains 2 times more iron and sulfur, 10 times more zinc and 20 times more nitrogen than its cane counterpart.
  • The presence of potassium and calcium in the composition of coconut sugar has a beneficial effect on the activity of the brain, bone and muscle tissue, and contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.
  • Scientists also note the good antioxidant properties of coconut sugar
  • Another beneficial property of coconut sugar is due to its natural inositol. When ingested, this substance helps to fight depression, reducing anxiety, thereby having a positive effect on the nervous system.
Features of Masale organic coconut sugar (coconut nectar)

The main significant difference between our sugar and similar products on the market is its 100% purity and packaging form. In fact, these are rectangular briquettes of the crystallized juice of the coconut palm inflorescence from Sri Lanka. In the process of making sugar, the juice did not undergo additional heat and chemical treatment, thanks to which all the enzymes and useful substances in it were preserved. Upon completion of the crystallization process, the sweet mass was divided into uniform parts, convenient for storing and transporting the product.

You can simply cut off pieces of the size you need from the briquette, or it is best to rub the sugar on a large grater. In everything else, the use of coconut sugar is identical to the use of ordinary refined sugar.

The second distinguishing feature is the slower melting rate of coconut sugar. Pu-erh lovers will appreciate this – a piece of coconut sugar thrown into a cup of tea can be enough for two brews.

Some of our partners, specialists in the manufacture of homemade chocolate, successfully use coconut sugar crystals as not only a natural sweetener, but also a substitute for crunchy caramel in chocolate.

Masale nectar has no coconut smell. Caramel and floral notes are the main aromatic substances of its natural herbal aroma.

Like any food, coconut sugar is recommended in moderation.

An allergic reaction to this type of sugar is quite rare, and the impossibility of its use can only be due to individual intolerance to products from the fruits of the coconut tree.


Calorie content per 100 g: 300 kcal.
Nutritional value in 100 g:
Proteins: 1.1 g
Carbohydrates: 93.4 g
Fats: 0.4 g
Fiber: 1.9 g

Weight0.500 g

500 г


Rectangular briquettes of crystallized juice of coconut palm blossoms


In cooking, cosmetology and Ayurveda

Storage conditions

18 months from the date of manufacture in a dry, well-ventilated place in a closed package.


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