Пряности. Орехово-медовый кекс Useful properties of Indian spices
Desserts and pastries

Spicy honey and nut cake

Another family recipe from the Masale cookbook: Spicy honey and

чорний шоколад готуємо вдома
Desserts and pastries

Homemade black chocolate

We prepare real black homemade chocolate at home – useful

апельсиновый хлеб
Bread, pies, cakes

Orange bread

While it is still in season, it is worth using


Hot coconut rum

Namaste!An unusual recipe for MASALE in the middle of the

веганський шоколадний торт
Desserts and pastries

Vegan chocolate cake

Namaste and here’s you another recipe for vegan chocolate cake

кокосове борошно кокосовий брауні
Desserts and pastries

Coconut Brownie

Namaste and peaceful day! Meditation in the kitchen with a

рецепти Masale Tart with plums тарт зі сливами
Desserts and pastries

Tart with plums

In response to numerous requests, we remind you of the

кекс ельчина сафарлі
Desserts and pastries

Cake from Elchin Safarli

Namaste!At the request of those who still haven’t read Elchin

вегетарианская лазанья
Main dishes

Vegetarian lasagna

Italian cuisine with a vegetarian motif. We recommend preparing Vegetarian

промасливание тела Abhyanga: oil massage
Natural cosmetics

Abhyanga: oil massage

Namaste! Today, we decided to combine the traditions of Maundy

тарт карамелизированные яблоки
Desserts and pastries

Tart with caramelized apples

Recommended Masale spices for apple tart: cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon. Fennel

анісові коржики
Bread, pies, cakes

Anise cakes with sesame

Namaste!I recently found an old but interesting recipe for cakes

соус бешамель Masale Bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce

Gentle milk Bechamel sauce goes very well with cheese, vegetable,

желе з кокосового молока
Desserts and pastries

Coconut milk jelly

Malaysian coconut milk jelly recipe 250 ml of water 400-500

кокосова олія гель
Natural cosmetics

Coconut shower gel

If you want to create your own shower gel or

кокосове борошно хліб
Bread, pies, cakes

Coconut flour bread

Coconut flour is real “endless ammunition” – we usually use

сырой веганский брауни
Desserts and pastries

Raw Vegan Brownie

Until cocoa products become the privilege of the rich, they

веганский тирамису

Vegan Tiramisu

Have a nice sunny day! Today we are meeting friends,

вишнева гірка на кокосовій олії
Desserts and pastries

Cherry hill cake

We have perfected the old recipe for Cherry hill cake

чечевичный суп суп з сочевиці Lentil soup with homemade noodles
Main dishes

Vegan lentil cutlets

We cannot hide delicious recipes from you for long. Vegan

ореховый десерт
Bread, pies, cakes

Nut cake without flour

Nut cake without flour. Very simple ingredients, very easy to

салат из зеленых манго

Unripe mango salad

Tonic vitamin salad of unripe mango and hot pepper For

мороженое на кокосовом молоке веганам
Desserts and pastries

Vegan coconut ice cream

Recipe for cosmically delicious coconut vegan ice cream, which you

манты мантры
Main dishes

Vegetarian Mantis

Vegetarian mantis steamed to the sounds of mantras.You will have

лимонный чизкейк веганский Vegan Lemon Cheesecake лимонний чізкейк
Desserts and pastries

Vegan Lemon Cheesecake

Today we are preparing a vegan cheesecake with lemon and

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